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The Flamingo Club supports and encourages juggling for women, children and families.  We now have our own Facebook page.

Sophia Rosman with Cindy Marvell

2015 Flamingo Award Winner
Sophia Rosman -- Reisterstown, MD

pictured with Cindy Marvell


2014 Flamingo Award Winner
Erica Liddle

2014 Transitions Award Winner

2014 Flamingo Rising Star Award Winners
Elizabeth and Isabelle Cain -- Ohio


2013 Flamingo Award Winner
Andrea Schmeissner -- age 16 -- Valley Falls, KS

2013 Rising Star Award Winner
Savannah Kohler -- age 13 -- Philadelphia, PA

2013 Transitions Award Winner
Carly Norotsky -- age 17 -- Chapel Hill, NC


2012 Flamingo Award winner
 Delany Bayles -- age 14 -- Salt Lake City, UT



"Do you think juggling's a mere trick?" the little man asked, sounding wounded.  "An amusement for the gapers?  A means of picking up a crown or two at a provincial carnival?  It is all those things, yes, but first it is a way of life, a friend, a creed, a species of worship."

"And a kind of poetry," said Carabella.

Sleet nodded, "Yes, that too.  And a mathematics.  It teaches calmness, control, balance, a sense of placement of things and the underlying structure of motion.  There is a silent music to it.  Above all there is discipline..."

--excerpt  from Lord Valentine's Castle by Robert Silverberg

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